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We began as a field operation in 2017, connecting campaigns and projects with communities of color across the state. Our clients benefit from our social activism and coalition leadership experience gained through decades of leading campaigns, highlighting social inequalities, and developing BIPOC coalition building. Through these experiences, we have developed unique strategies that brings people together, reinforcing a strong sense of community and articulating a vision that inspires change making Field+Media Corps uniquely qualified to provide an array of various services to clients needs.


Producing results that

increase awareness, turnout and support.

For almost a decade, Field+Media Corps has helped our clients lead local, state, and federal projects and campaigns through the creative use of social media, text messaging, canvassing and other outreach strategies. We have developed data driven and people centered work that have produced results and within budgets. We are aligning our services to what our clients have told us along the way, "We want to work with a team that puts in the effort, produces results, and that cares about the community that we are trying to make an impact in". This is Field+Media Corps because we have been there and done that, failed and improved, and learned and grown with our community so that we have a collective positive impact. 



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